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This show is all about having FUN! We do our best to have a great party, but the reality is, YOU (the audiance) are the most important part to a successful show.

There are a few rules that will make your TAVERNACLE Dueling Piano experience the best it can be.

This is an ALL request piano show. We need your songs to make it a party. Pick good, fun, sing-a-long songs that everyone will enjoy. In order to make your song "suggestion" a "request" a little love goes a long way. (Tips are what turn a "suggestion" into a "request")

You don't have to listen to any song you don't want to! For $1 more than the original request, you can stop any song. (Example... If we are playing "Frozen's Let it Go" and you would rather hear "AC/DC" for $1 more than the "Frozen" request, we'll stop playing it and start playing AC/DC, no questions asked)

Of course a song can always be started back up again for $1 more than the "stoped song"

This is more of a guideline - but we are a BAR... You must be at least 21 to enter. also, a lot of our show contains adult oriented humor, pofanity and cruedness. (you've been warned)

That's about it, so make sure to sing loud, stomp your feet, come ready to party!

Troy Baldwin

Troy's a veteran player and has the most guts to try a song he's just heard. He has been singing since the age of 7, and picked up the piano in his teens. He loves music, and has a natural ability to hear a song and play it.

Troy studied vocal performance at the University of Utah, and traveled the world in various shows. He performed for several years at Lagoon (a Utah amusement park), singing in "Music USA" and has since been playing and singing in multiple dueling piano shows for the last 16 years.

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Drew Olsen

Drew started studying piano at the age of 5, and continues to study music at Westminster College. His virtuosity on the piano brought him to the national championships of the 2008-09 Stillman-Kelly competition where he was awarded first place for his performance of various classical pieces. He's a proficient songwriter, and enjoys singing and writing in many different styles.

Between jamming at the Tav, doing schoolwork, and teaching piano, Drew enjoys snowboarding and long-boarding, juggling, tennis, and reading and aspires to become a composer for film, Broadway, video games, or other collaborative productions.

South West

South is one of our new piano players here at the Tavernacle. He has been playing the piano since the age of 8. A music enthusiast, South sang in the Madrigals and Show Choir groups in high school. He also played the trumpet in symphonic and jazz bands and in the marching band at the University of Utah. Recently, he played keyboard and sang back-up vocals in an oldies cover band. He loves everything from punk rock to pop to electronic dance music.

Come on in, show this new guy some love, and get partying!

JD Rouillard

JD brings a "south of the border" style of jazzy performance to the group. He spent a year traveling through South America as a street performer and has a million stories to tell. One of our more energetic and enthusiastic entertainers JD will make you smile with his great laugh and positively contagious love of music.

Come check out JD and ask him to play something for you in Spanish.

Jules Boulter

Jules has been singing and playing the piano since she was a wee young thing, and has no intention of stopping until she dies or her arms fall off--whichever comes first.  She began studying classical piano and voice at the age of 6 and graduated with a bachelor's degree in music from Utah Valley University. 

She also loves to write music, particularly for film and has sung on such classy soundtracks as Spartacus and Ash Vs the Evil Dead. Jules has a passion for performing and has acted in everything from musical theatre to improv to Shakespeare.  Mostly, though, she enjoys having a good time with great people, so the Tavernacle is the perfect place to be!

Dave Bowen

Dave is one of our most versital musicians, playing just about everything that makes a note. Not only will he figure out how to play it, but balance on it, swing on it and ride it! He loves the alternative side and picks up any song fast.

Come check out Dave and give him a request for the "obscure".

For reservations to the Tavernacle call: (801) 519-8900
We are located at: 50 W Broadway, Salt Lake City, UT 84101

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